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I lost my sleep; I am awakened a little more

It’s already 2:00 am and I am not asleep. I have a very strange feeling tonight, nostalgic and restless about the events which occurred in recent past in my life. Unable to calm my senses I decide to go to the beach. It’s a bit unusual to go to beach now but I will go. With my ipod in my ears and mobile in hand I start in my characteristic 3/4ths and sweat shirt.

Thiruvanmaiyur beach is hardly 200m away from my new home and its’ serenity attracts me and many others for different reasons of their own. As I get the first view of it from the byroads, the sea greets me with a fresh swing of breeze. The roads are deserted and the lonely lamp posts are flickering emanating lights as if they are waiting for someone to come and acknowledge their presence and efforts which they assume every night without slightest of complain. The lone lighthouse stands tall and contended as he knows his purpose and importance. Everyone appreciates his worth as it provides light and warmth to all; children, sports enthusiast, walkers and especially vendors for whom he is their support and companion. The worthiest of its purpose is reflected in the sailor’s eye. For him it is his destination, lifeline and morale. Ships or boats, no matter what their size is, lighthouse treats everyone equally giving equal light to them, guiding them safely to home where their family awaits them.

The waves are shimmering as lighting through thunders and the clear full moon sky is star studded. The tranquility of sea has already healed my heart and filled it with serenity. I am feeling light and my mood has changed for better. As I move on I find an old police jeep parked on a side lane and constables sleeping on the benches in their fairy world far away from the beautiful one which is embracing them currently. A notice board is hanging next to benches giving information on the agenda and timings of next jogger’s meet. Factoids about dolphins and sea creatures are also landmarked for children and enthusiast. A dog starts following me; probably finding a lone companion in me. I pass across the big bungalows with even bigger walls to protect them, dogs barking at me as I pass them and waking up the night guards of their owner’s abode. A paintball ground and an Italian restaurant come next. The road comes to an end and a small passage is sloping down to fishermen’s dwellings.

I might have just walked a few paces when I hear an old fisherman calling me. He looks around 70 yrs, little stooped with age. I look at him, he smiles back. He points to the lit cigarette in my hand and takes out his own. I offer him lighter. In the yellow light, I notice that his face has wrinkled but he has dimples on the spotted cheeks, resembling the ones like chicken pox, bright and clear eyes, giving testimony to his life as a fisherman. It is 3:30 am, the sky is pitch dark but in these dwellings the day has already begun.

Lights from small asbestos roofed houses are glowing. Fishermen are getting ready for their voyage. They assemble near their boats, and check their nets before they venture out into the sea. The women in house are brewing coffee, I can smell it. It will be another long day for them. They have to race against time, tide and fellow competitors. I have never seen how the boats are pushed into the sea. I stand along two of the fishermen, who are trying to push their boats. Experience has taught them to wait for the highest wave and when they see it approaching they start to push the boats arduously, especially when the wave is retreating as they know the sand below them will be dispersing quickly with the retreating wave. They wait again for the highest wave. The little crab which is in line with the boat swiftly moves away, his little eyes twinkling. A long trail results from dragging of the boat is proof of their efforts. Two of them have finally made it to the sea and they have jumped into the boats. Another big wave comes and it washes away the trail left by the boat, leveling the sand as if nothing happened, erasing all the evidence of their footmarks, toil and efforts.

Ah!! Such is life. So small are we and so insignificant is our existence. With the passage of time, the great monuments will wither down, the artificial boundaries which we have drawn not just on the world map but also in our hearts based on religion, ethnicity are so very insignificant for time and mother nature. In this long universal clock the whole human existence is just for a tick of a second’s needle. Why don’t we realize that all humanity will come to an end someday all work we do in this world will be waived away with tide of time, nothing in this world is stagnant. Not even change. Why don’t we embrace universal brotherhood and nature’s superiority? The gist of life is to evolve symbiotically not parasitically.

The boat has gone deep in the sea fishermen are waving at me and I wave them back. Far away in the sky the crimson red ball of fire is resurfacing, bringing back life in this part of the world. Joggers have started trickling onto the beach. The crab near me is looking for a hiding; the dog has found another companion. The lights of the watch tower have done their duty and have gone into deep slumber. The jogger’s meet has started, the police van is gone. I feel light hearted. I greet everyone I pass by. This night was more insightful and brighter than the day.

I lost my sleep; I am awakened a little more….

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  1. Ati
    September 15, 2009 at 2:28 pm

    Itz amazing….. Simply outstanding…
    Dun have words to say nything……

  2. Srinivas
    September 22, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    Dude, I take the honour of posting the first comment!!! 🙂

  3. Aishwarya
    February 16, 2010 at 5:58 pm

    Hey Rupesh!
    Didn’t know u blogged!
    You write soo well!
    This post was really good.

    • rupeshdubey
      March 1, 2010 at 7:36 pm

      @ Aishwarya thanks for ur genreous comments .. ya i do blog from time to time

  4. rupeshdubey
    February 17, 2010 at 5:22 am

    @Ati, Srini, Aishwarya Thanks for ur comments and support

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